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Tired of living with pain and limited function?

Reclaim your vitality! Our chiropractor diagnoses, treats pain, and improves function. From consultation to examination and X-rays, we identify the cause and rule out anomalies. Our modalities provide relief and enhance function. Experience the benefits of spinal manipulation/adjustment. Take action now! Schedule your appointment today.


Diagnose, treat pain, improve function.

Consultation identifies problem areas. Exam diagnoses pain cause. X-ray rules out anomalies. Modalities relieve discomfort, improve function. Manipulation/adjustment improves spinal motion, reduces pain, and enhances physical function.


The goal of accurate diagnosis is to identify and characterize a patient’s condition, which involves a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of their medical history, symptoms, and physical examination.


Massage therapy can relieve pain, decrease muscle spasm, improve joint pain and swelling, enhance muscle rehabilitation, increase range of motion, reduce stress, and improve blood flow and circulation.


Chiropractic care can improve spinal motion and physical function, enhance the brain’s connection to the body, improve posture, reduce pain, increase joint range of motion, and alleviate chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

Injuries & Pain Relief

Services related to pain and injury treatment, including back pain, neck pain, disc herniation, sciatic pain, sprain/strain, scoliosis, auto accidents, sports injuries, joint pain, neuropathy, knee pain, shoulder pain, and arthritis.

Our goal is to relieve pain and bring you to optimal health.

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Revitalize your body with Dr. Branden Ollet, Miami’s trusted chiropractor. Experience pain relief, improved function, and enhanced well-being. Schedule your appointment now for a healthier, happier you!

Experience effective pain relief and injury treatment with Dr. Branden Ollet. Our comprehensive services include accurate X-ray diagnostics, inflammation-reducing modalities, precise manipulations using Arthrostim, and personalized treatment for back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and more. Additional options like physical therapy, acupuncture, medication management, massage therapy, and personalized exercise programs are available. Trust Dr. Branden Ollet for your recovery and improved well-being. Contact us today to learn more. We accept most insurance and auto accident.

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